Belitsa - European Destination of Excelence, Bulgaria 2009
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Municipality of Belitsa - center for ecotourism, mountain, hobby and rural tourism

Surrounded by magnificent centuries-old green forests, the twelve settlements of Belitsa municipality lie huddled in the heart of Rila and the Rhodopes, right where the three fabulous Bulgarian mountains Rila, Pirin and the Rhodopes meet. Its territory extends into Rila National Park where the surrounding landscape with mountain peaks raising above 2 500 m, clear glacial lakes and fairy, deep indented river valleys overgrown with vast coniferous forests mesmerize the traveller and capture his imagination. Here, on the woody slopes of Rila, in Andrianov Chark area, the Centre for re-adaptation of dancing bears has sheltered the mistreated animals of Bulgaria providing them with conditions closest to their natural habitat. The majority of the municipality settlements are scattered in the alpine part of the west Rhodopes. This is a region which due to its exceptional biodiversity and pristine boreal forests has been recognized as a habitat of global significance and has been included among the world’s eco regions established by WWF. It has also been listed as a conservation habitat of European importance. Last but not least, Belitsa municipality is close to Pirin National Park, which is a recognized site of World Natural Heritage.

Rila mountains abouve Belitsa Dancing bears park

The charming mountain town of Belitsa is the centre of the municipality that has managed to preserve for us and the generations to come the magic of pristine nature. The streets of Belitsa are buried in greenery, the houses and the gardens are overflowing with flowers, while the forest scent of the crystal-clear air and the babbling of the mountain river across it create the feeling that time has stopped. The town is linked to the remaining part of Bulgaria by a dense transportation infrastructure. The territory of the municipality is rich in ancient monuments of culture. The complicated and dramatic history of Belitsa has left its stamp both on the town and the people. The cross of the church and the minaret of the mosque dominate the town as an evidence of the two religious communities in the town. Belitsa cherishes and takes pride in the historical monuments and sights of the town.

Ecotourism in Belitsa The Streets of Belitsa

Nowadays Belitsa is developing as a tourist town, centre of ecotourism and round the year recreation in Rila mountain. Due to its beautiful conserved nature coupled with developed tourist infrastructure Belitsa can offer to lovers of ecotourism and hobby-tourism active and pleasant recreation. Six marked walking trails, two of which enter Rila National Park cross through various ecosystems and alternating plant and animal communities. The biodiversity of each eco-trail is given an interpretation and is devoted to a specific key subject – The Temple of Eternity, The Mystery of the Peat Ground, Along the Glacier’s Trails, The Lord of the Mountains, The Guardian of Life and The Flying Flowers. Belitsa offers perfect conditions for practising different types of hobby-tourism: herb and mushroom gathering, wild animals watching, bird watching, butterflies and insects watching, photo-safari and fishing. You can join any of the youth volunteer programs that are operating. Detailed information on their activities can be received at the Tourist information centre, and you could also opt for the services provided by trained guides and specialists.

Ecopaths in Belitsa

After practising their favourite hobbies eco-lovers may spend some idle hours enjoying recreation in Belitsa. Many are the tourist attraction offered around town. Though it would be enough for the tourist to just pop by the cosy cafes and restaurants, stroll for a while in the town park of Belitsa and its picturesque streets in order to get an amusing and healthy repose, since the soft Mediterranean air, penetrating through the valley of the Mesta river and the clean mountain air of Rila make the climate of Belitsa healing for people suffering from pulmonary diseases. A therapy school for children with lung problems has been operating in town.

Ecotourism in Belitsa Ecotourism in Belitsa

There are plenty of hotels and private hostels in Belitsa furnished with all type of conveniences for tourists. They are located in town and in its mountain resort complex of Semkovo. In winter Semkovo is a ski centre and a favourite recreation centre for students.

Ecotourism in Belitsa Ecotourism in Belitsa

Make sure to visit Belitsa! It will not only tell the tale of the magic mountains and the dancing bear, but will let you take part in it and make it your personal myth of the Eternal Return.

Ecotourism in Belitsa Semkovo resort




Apr. 23, 2014
Let's clean Belitsa in one day, the 26th of April, 2014

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Mar. 03, 2014
Four big "garo"s shined on Belitsa

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Jan. 21, 2014
The Day of the Midwife in Belitsa

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Nov. 11-12, 2013
EDEN destination Belitsa – part of the Eight EDEN Meeting in Brussels

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